Kelly Byrnes, Elementary Lead TeacherKelly Byrnes, Elementary Lead Teacher
Elementary Lead Teacher and 4th Grade Teacher
As Elementary Lead Teacher, Mrs. Kelly Byrnes assists with curriculum development, peer ... view details

Lisa Colby, Registrar & Office ManagerLisa Colby, Registrar & Office Manager
Registrar/Office Manager
Since enrolling her children in 2007, Lisa has been actively involved at Trinity as Room ... view details

Ben HaskellBen Haskell
Ben became TCA's Headmaster in 2009. He received his Master's of Christian ... view details

Peg HaskellPeg Haskell
Director of Development
Peg joined TCA as Director of Development in 2009. She earned a BS in Business Administration ... view details

Denise MurdockDenise Murdock
Admissions/Assistant Administrator
Formerly a resident of California and New York, Mrs. Denise Murdock received her MFA and BFA ... view details

Richard SawyerRichard Sawyer
Staff Accountant
Richard joined TCA as Staff Accountant in 2014. He received his BSA from Bentley College and ... view details

Lisa WilliamsonLisa Williamson
Upper Level Lead Teacher
Lisa received a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy with a minor in Classical Studies ... view details