Our Mission Statement

Trinity Christian Academy is committed to educate and equip students
to become leaders for the glory of God.

The essential keys to carry out our mission are:  the teaching of a dedicated Christian faculty, high academic standards, the foundation of Biblical truth, and a wholesome Christian environment.


Trinity Christian Academy's Multi-Year Vision

Adopted by Board of Trustees January 11, 2014
Recruit and retain students Pre-K through 12th Grade
Keep tuition commensurate with targeting a balanced student population while providing a sustainable financial aid program 
Student Achievement/Curriculum
 Provide a current comprehensive curriculum and monitor student achievement to assure all students are learning
Library/Media Center
Assure easy access to current library/media center materials
Academic and Institutional Technology
Utilize traditional, current, and emerging technology to equip TCA students 
with the skills necessary to prepare them for college, career and beyond
Promote a cohesive community of learners in a caring Christ centered school environment
Provide the facilities and services required to support the school’s mission as enrollment increases
Generate sufficient income to support and sustain the school’s mission for future generations
Cultivate partnerships with churches, individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to seed future growth