Admissions Process



Thank you for your interest in Trinity Christian Academy!  We are providing the following information to help you with the application process.  Please call the Director of Admissions at the school office if you have any questions regarding the admissions procedure.


Step One:  Application

To activate your application file, the Director of Admissions must receive the following items:
A.  Online Application: (One per child) Applications are accepted beginning October 1st for the following school year.  In order to be eligible for Pre-K, children must be four by September 1st.  Kindergarten students must be five by September 1st.   An Enrollment Application should be submitted as soon as possible.

B.  Application Fee: The nonrefundable Application fee is $75.00* per child (includes Entrance/Assessment Exam fee)


Step Two:  Consideration for Admission

Once the application and fee are received, we will call you to set up:

A.  Entrance/Assessment Exam:  All students applying for admission to grades 1-12 must take an entrance/assessment exam.  This academic screening process is necessary to determine whether students are academically prepared for the grade level for which they are applying.  The results of these tests are not used for priority placement. Testing appointments are scheduled for each child.


B.  Student Shadow Day at Trinity Christian Academy:  Before final acceptance to Trinity Christian Academy, prospective students come for a classroom visit.  Students entering Pre-K will be scheduled to participate in a playgroup screening during the spring or summer.  Prospective kindergarten students will shadow for a half day. Students entering grades 1-12 will shadow for a full academic day.


C.  Teacher Recommendation: All students applying for admission in grades 4 -12 must provide a Teacher Recommendation.  (Please use enclosed form in packet.)


D.  School & Personal Information Records:  A signed Records Release Form requesting a copy of a student’s most current report card, grades, standardized testing, behavior record, IEP/504 Plan or special accommodations must be included with the application.   


E.  Parent/Headmaster Interview: A parent interview will be scheduled with the Headmaster after the Director of Admissions has received the Enrollment Application, Application Fee, and the results of the Entrance/Assessment Exam and records. In addition to a parent interview, all students applying for grades 7-12 will be interviewed by the Headmaster.


Step Three:  Letter of Acceptance

A.  Letter of Acceptance:  A letter will be sent to all applicants to notify you if your child has been accepted.  You will be instructed to pay your registration fee online through FACTS. 


B.  Waiting List:  If your child was not placed because enrollment in that grade is full, the application will be held until an opening is available. Re-registration for current families is determined first with additional openings determined by April 1st for new applicants and families.


Step Four:  Registration and Financial Contract

A.  Final Step of Enrollment:  Online registration and nonrefundable registration fee must be submitted within two weeks from the date of the letter of acceptance. With the submission of your registration agreement and fee, you will enter into a financial contract with Trinity. In order for your child to be officially enrolled at Trinity, your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and a request for permanent school records must also be received.


B.  Financial Aid:  Families applying for financial aid should begin the application process as soon as possible.  Financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis as determined by FACTS and available funds at Trinity Christian Academy.  Please review our published Financial Aid Policy on the Tuition and Fees Schedule and apply on the school’s website.

Admissions Process Statement of Non-Discrimination

Trinity Christian Academy is a non-profit organization that admits and welcomes students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin and does not discriminate in admissions or any area of school administered activities,

provided the family supports the child’s instruction in conformance with the school’s Statement of Faith.

*Amount subject to change annually (2/28/19 Rev.)