Our History

Trinity Christian Academy of Cape Cod is an accredited school offering academic excellence for Pre-Kindergarten through High School.  Cape Cod families who seek academic excellence with a Christian worldview will also discover a school environment where nurturing teachers are wonderful living models for young hearts and minds.  Trinity's students receive a well-rounded educational experience, becoming independent thinkers well prepared for college and beyond. Situated on approximately 6.9 acres, our campus is located at 979 Mary Dunn Road in Barnstable, Massachusetts.  

Trinity School of Cape Cod, as it was originally named, was established in January 1967 by a group comprised of four ministers and three laymen as a nonprofit independent school for the purpose of providing a strong academic education centered in historic Christianity and founded on the basic truths of the Bible.  Trinity first opened its doors with a Pre-School and Kindergarten program in South Yarmouth using two buildings owned by the Evangelical Baptist Church. 

The school expanded over a period of 30 years and occupied up to five buildings belonging to the Evangelical Baptist Church and one owned by the school as well as the Bass River Community Church building.  In 1998 the school changed its named to Trinity Christian Academy of Cape Cod. Trinity continued to add grades while operating out of the church building until 2003.  

Through God’s providence, Trinity Christian Academy was able to secure land located on Mary Dunn Road in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Trinity Christian Academy’s facility was built on our 6.9 acre campus in two phases: Phase One of the school’s building was completed in February 2003 (Pre-K through 6th Grade Wing) and Phase Two (Grades 7-12: Upper Level Wing) was finished in March 2006. 

In the spring of 2013, Trinity launched a capital campaign, Building Community for Our Children,  to build a Creative Arts and Activity Center. Construction was completed in August 2013.  The 48 x 88 addition includes two classrooms for music, art and a multi-purpose room for physical education, sports practices, lunch, drama productions and other school events. In the Spring of 2016 the school completed Phase Two of Building Community for Our Children, adding a second story with two additional classrooms, a tutoring room and an office. 

Statement of Faith

• We believe that God, in infinite love, has come to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ, that He was born of a virgin, that He lived a perfect life, that He died on a cross to redeem humanity from sin, that He rose from the dead, and that He ascended into heaven from which He will return at the appointed time to judge the living and the dead.

• We believe that it is the task of the Christian individual and the Christian Church to bear witness to this Christ-event. We submit Trinity Christian Academy as a facet of this witness.

• We believe that both the Old and New Testaments are inspired by God. Because they are thus God's Word, we believe that they are the final Authority for faith and practice.

• We believe that the Father and Son sent forth the Holy Spirit, and that it is in the indwelling and sustaining power of the Holy Spirit that a Christian must live.

• We believe that "unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain," and we entrust Trinity Christian Academy to that Builder.

Our Mission 

Trinity Christian Academy is committed to educate and equip students to become leaders for the glory of God.

The essential keys to carry out our mission:
the teaching of a dedicated Christian faculty,
high academic standards,
the foundation of Biblical truth,
and a wholesome Christian environment.