The goal of Trinity's elementary program is to help each child reach his or her highest potential ~ academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.  We encourage this growth in a loving environment that guides students to serve Christ and each other.

Quotes from Elementary Parents

"I would like to thank you one more time for this incredible year! I really freaked out when I thought this year was over academically when school was canceled... I thought that was it for those kids this year... I thought my son wouldn’t learn anything new anymore and all the knowledge that he was supposed to acquire this year was gone...

But I was wrong... with all the limitations that online learning brings, I now know that he didn’t lose 4th grade.... the only thing he missed (in all meanings of the word) is social time with you, his friends and so many others... 

When I realized today that this year is over, I also realized that I am going to miss home schooling in a certain way....It was somehow special to get ready every morning waiting for zoom classes and even more special to hear Mrs. Byrnes so gently greet every kid with such kindness, even though the world was probably falling apart behind her screen... (I can’t even imagine how you did  teaching + 2 kids!) . . .

When I saw my son closing his eyes to pray today, so committed to the entire process of the (online) ceremony,  I knew in my heart that Trinity was God’s choice for him! He is becoming  a God fearing person, honest, respectful, and most of all, a HAPPY kid!  Congratulations to you! What a beautiful work you have done!"

"Mrs. Byrnes always demonstrated extra care and attention. I would like to give her this compliment as a parent. . . She always is ready to discuss different occurrences and the way she dealt with.


Congratulations to TCA for having such great group of Faculty.

Thank you for all your care and support."




Rich Curriculum

The scope and sequence of our elementary program ensures that the curriculum for each grade is designed to lay the foundation for success at the next level.  Curriculum is evaluated on an ongoing basis for relevance and content. While the core curriculum consists of reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, and Bible, this is just part of the comprehensive program offered at Trinity.

The elementary school has specifically designed projects, field trips, and more in-depth science exploration that extend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in both club and/or competitive sports, including soccer and basketball.

Most importantly, everything is taught from a biblical perspective connecting the students' faith to their everyday lives.