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Leadership Training

Trinity Christian High School Distinctives

Trinity Christian Academy inspires young men and women to discover their God-given gifts and explore ways to put these gifts to work in the world around them for the greater glory of God.

Our Christ-Centered Leadership Training Program prepares students by:

  • Helping them discover their vocational aptitude and spiritual gifts, and then uncover what it takes to prepare academically and succeed in a vocational field of their choice;
  • Guiding them to embrace the message of Christ into their daily lives so they can become influential leaders who fulfill God’s purpose;
  • Empowering them with a solid, comprehensive, biblical worldview through a scripture-infused curriculum;
  • Training them to become well-spoken Christian leaders equipped to share their faith with others;
  • Inspiring them to continually discover the presence of the Holy Spirit within them and exude a passion for Christ in all aspects of life; and,
  • Providing ample opportunities for them to reach out and serve those marginalized in the community and world around them so they develop empathetic leadership skills.

Opportunities to Develop Leadership at Trinity Christian Academy:

  • 100 Hours of Community Service Graduation Requirement
  • Mentoring/Partnership Opportunities in the local community
  • Mentoring Opportunities with Trinity elementary students
  • Outreach Partnership Opportunity with local daycare
  • Annual Homeless Outreach
  • Annual Leadership Retreats
  • Chapel Planning and Leading Small Group Discussions
  • Student Council Leadership Opportunities
  • Senior Project- 2nd Semester Graduation Requirement
    • ASVAB and Spiritual Gifting Assessment to help discover strengths/gifts
    • Research career/vocation education/training path
    • Shadow an individual in the field chosen
    • Prepare written report and oral presentation
    • Present to an outside independent panel of judges, peers, faculty and parents
leadership training