Elementary Early Release for the Eclipse

On Monday, April 8th, there will be a visible total solar eclipse where Cape Cod will be in the 92% viewing window. This means that we will be in one of the top viewing positions on the planet when the event happens. Unfortunately, the peak time for the eclipse (around 3:00 pm) will be happening right when we are dismissing the students for the day. After the event on April 8th, the next one isn't schedule to be visible here until 2045.

As you may be aware, it is very dangerous for anyone to look directly at a solar eclipse when it is happening. Your eye does not feel the full brightness of the sun during an eclipse, but the harmful effects are still happening - but they are undetectable during that time. 

We have made the decision to dismiss the lower level students on Monday, April 8th starting at 1:30 pm so that every elementary student can be at home during the height of the eclipse just after 3:00 pm. Also please note that there will be no extended day on that day either.   

Middle and High School students will be learning about the science behind an eclipse in their science classes and special viewing glasses have been purchased so that at 2:45 pm, those students can go outside and view the event. 

Had this event taken place a few hours earlier or later we would not have needed to make this call but because of the timing, we feel that it's safest not to be dismissing students during what could be the most harmful sun rays of the event. 

Thank you for your understanding.