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Tuition & Financial Aid

2022 – 2023 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Non-Refundable Fees:
Application Fee for New Student:  $100 per student
Registration Fee for New and Returning Students:  $350 per student
The maximum amount per family is $800. Failure to pay the registration fee by the specified date
may result in forfeiture of being on the school’s roster for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Fees may be paid online through FACTS Financial
For families who enroll more than one child, the oldest child pays full tuition.
The second child will receive a 20% tuition discount.
Each additional child will receive a 30% tuition discount.
Tuition: Tuition rates listed below include the cost of all textbooks, as well as all applicable field trip fees.
Grade  Annual Tuition  2.5% Insurance Total Payment
Pre-K - 3 Days $ 6,565.00 $ 165.00 $ 6,730.00
Pre-K - 5 Days $ 8,755.00 $ 220.00 $ 8,975.00
Kindergarten $ 9,060.00 $ 225.00 $ 9,285.00
Grades 1 – 6  $ 9,415.00 $ 235.00  $ 9,650.00
Grade 7  $10,225.00 $ 255.00  $10,480.00
Grade 8 $11,025.00 $ 275.00 $11,300.00
High School (9-12) $10,530.00  $ 265.00 $10,795.00

Families wishing to apply for financial aid should follow these steps:

Important: New families may apply for financial aid once they have received their official acceptance letter.

  • Returning families may apply online with FACTS beginning January 24, 2022. Applications must be submitted with your most recent tax return
(you may submit last year’s return only if you did not use it to apply for financial aid in the previous school year).
Accuracy on all documents is very important. Any inconsistencies may impact the committee’s decision.
  • Financial aid applications are initially reviewed by a third party and then submitted to the TCA Financial Aid Committee for further review.
  • Families will be notified within a few weeks about the committee’s decision.
  • If financial aid has been awarded, families will have one week to respond to their financial contracts.
After one week their financial aid may be awarded to another family.

Financial Aid Application

  • All families must apply online with FACTS.